Species of Deer in Saskatchewan

Score of the World Record Whitetail shot in Saskatchewan (213 & 5/8)

Average number of whitetail licenses sold per year

# of Wildlife Management Zones (WMZ)in SK

Saskatchewan Deer Hunting Facts

The Saskatchewan provincial record typical whitetail trophy is also the World Record. The Hanson Buck was shot by Milo Hanson in 1993 and remains the World Record, scoring 213 & 5/8.

World Record Whitetail Deer shot in Saskatchewan

Your headwear must be scarlet, bright yellow or blaze orange (white is not allowed). The headwear may include a small label or crest not exceeding 50 centimetres² or 7.8 inches2 (2.6 inches by 3 inches)

Your hunting outwear must include a vest (an outer garment that covers the torso) of scarlet, bright yellow, blaze orange or white or any combination of these colours. The vest may include a small label or crest not exceeding 100 centimetres² or 15 inches2 (3 inches by 5 inches).


A high-visibility garment carrying a Canadian Standards Association (CSA) label stating CAN/CSA Z96. This designation includes Z96-02, Z96-09 or Z96-15 (indicates the year the standard was updated). Both class 2 (vest) or class 3 (coveralls) garments are lawful hunting apparel.

Only Saskatchewan residents may hunt the Mule Deer species in Saskatchewan. It is important to be able to distinguish the two species as they can commonly be found in the same habitat along the forest farmland fringe and southward.

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