Saskatchewan Land Permission Laws are Changing

Date: 2020-10-26

It has been a topic for a few years, and some day maybe it will be true to say Saskatchewan Land Permission Laws are Changing. The Government of Saskatchewan held a series of forums to discuss the pros and cons of requiring anyone wanting to hunt on private land to get the permission of the landowner. This is the future direction of requiring permission to hunt, but this is not yet in effect. The The Trespass to Property Act is still pending being enacted. Along with making the announcement that some day in the future, hunters, bird watchers, nature photographers, snowmobile riders, hikers, and anyone else wanting to enter private land for recreational purposes will need permission, the Provincial Government also dangled out an RFP with a grant for the development of a mobile app intended to help the recreational land user get permission from land owners. The grant was awarded, a prototype app has been developed, and a pilot project in one Rural Municipality is underway. Results regarding the success of the app are not yet available, the trial is expected to conclude by the end of 2020. So, for now, private citizens still have the legal right to hunt on private land, but in the interest of being a responsible, safe, and ethical hunter, we would strongly encourage all outdoor enthusiasts to ask for permission. Land owners do have the right to restrict access to their property, by posting no trespassing signs, or asking you to leave if they do not wish you to be on their land. The easiest way is to simply have the courtesy to ask permission.

By: Galen

Almost Dead Deer are Dangerous

Date: 2019-11-27

Deer have been known to appear dead after being shot only to spring back up and run away or attempt to attack an approaching hunter. For some tips on how to approach a wounded whitetail deer, or any other big game, please see this story: Before You Claim Your Game …

By: Galen

Fines for Illegal Deer Hunting in Saskatchewan

Date: 2017-08-16

There seems to be an increase in the number of hunting fines and convictions being handed out in Saskatchewan in recent years. The officers from Saskatchewan Environment in the past had a reputation for giving warnings but recently the warnings are turning into fines and hunters being banned from hunting in Saskatchewan. In an incident from last fall, a man from Wisconsin was caught hunting deer without a license and was banned from hunting in Saskatchewan for a year. but just two weeks later he was found hunting with another outfitter in Saskatchewan and was subsequently fined $4200 and banned for two years. More on the story here: In a separate incident from several years ago (2014) 4 men from Saskatchewan were illegally operating as outfitters during which a mule deer buck was shot in Southwest Saskatchewan and exported to the U.S. by the client. The 4 illegal outfitters were fined a combined $71,000. It is illegal to hunt mule deer in Saskatchewan unless you are a Saskatchewan resident. More on the story:

By: Galen

New Non-Typical Whitetail World Record

Date: 2017-03-15

With an official entry score into Boone and Crockett records of 312-0/8, a deer shot in Tennessee in 2016 is the new Non-Typical World Record.

The world record typical whitetail is still the Hanson buck, shot in Saskatchewan.

For more on the new non-typical whitetail deer record, see the Boone and Crockett site at:

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