Northern Whitetail Outfitters

Contact:: Ron Schumlick

Location: North Battleford, SK



Phone: (306) 441-1602

Description: Whitetail Deer Hunts are 5 1/2 days , hunters arrive on a Sunday approximately 2 pm allowing time to settle in have a light lunch and meeting on local regulations etc . the hunt usually starts on Monday through Sat noon .Due to the strength of the US dollar the price is $4500.00 US.(price includes license and government tax saving you approximately $850.00 ). We require a $1000.00 deposit on hunts which is refundable if spot is filled prior the hunt or if you want to reserve a future hunt and price we require a $1500.00 deposit .Most hunters fly to Saskatoon on Saturday stay over at one of the hotels close to the airport , this is a good idea in case luggage is late also enables last minute pickups Cabella's and Sportsman WholeSale are near the airport if needed we ask clients to rent a car either at the airport or Hotel allowing hunters the freedom to tour the area and come and go at will Saskatoon is a beautiful city with plenty of shops to enhance your hunt trip.Pickup from your hotel is also possible for a nominal fee please make prior arrangements with us how ever it should be noted we only pickup and return on designated times and days .

Your stay will be at our 4200 sq ft lodge built adjacent to the hunting area we do have some individual rooms how ever most are doubles( 2 beds to a room ).After your arrival at camp and you have unpacked and settled in we give you the oppurtunity to check and site in your fire arms at a local shooting range which is followed by a hot meal and a casual meeting and orientation as far as the rules and regulations of the land and agenda for the next day / week . The next day starts at approximately 6:00 am with a good breakfast and a packed lunch for your stay in a stand or ground blind until approximately 5:30 pm followed by a hot meal , hot shower and some chat regarding what you've seen that day. Your trip into the tree stand or ground blind will be a short four wheeler trip that you might be asked to drive following your guide or a truck ride plus a short 4 wheeler ride to your stand or blind we will be hunting an area approximately 69,120 acres

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543 Scissons Cres., Saskatoon, SK

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